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GAP Newsletter for April 2018: Call for Papers

In annual memorial, UN pays tribute to 140 fallen staff members

The VIKING 18 exercise brings 170 participants to Santahamina, Finland

UN: Their 15-year mission a success, UN peacekeepers depart a stable and grateful Liberia

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Happy International Women’s Day – FBA: More Female Leaders in the UN

CMI: A new programme on conflict resolution

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Young peacebuilders’ workshop: Young Peacebuilders in Middle-East and North-Africa

GAP Newsletter for January 2018

“Spike in attacks on ‘blue helmets’ means UN peace operations must adapt”

Peace through gaming: UN Alliance of Civilizations PEACEapp

New learning application on CSDP missions

Peacekeepers saved many lives despite challenges, UN officials stress at year’s end

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EU and NATO cooperation to expand to new areas, including counter-terror; military mobility; women, peace and security

NATO Deputy Secretary General stresses the importance of Women, Peace and Security

The latest Gaming for Peace newsletter has been published!

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GAP-project present at IECEU and WOSCAP conference in Brussels on 8th November

Comprising Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Workshop 11 (SSKW) and Culture in Conflict

CMI: A high-level seminar shared best practices for inclusion of women in peacemaking

Methodology of GAP presented at technical review in Dublin

GAP consortium in Dublin

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Article in Contemporary Military Challenges, an interdisciplinary scientific and technical publication published by Slovenian Armed Forces

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GAP at the Applied Human Factor and Ergonomics International Conference in Los Angeles

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