GAP Newsletter: User Experiences of GAP Soft Skills Game

In this Newsletter, the end users describes their user experiences when playing and testing the game in practice. Also it explains more about The Soft Skills in Peacebuilding Summit to be organised in Dublin (Ireland) in January 2019. Read more in our Newsletter: GAP Newsletter Dec 2018

The GAP Game already exists with promising capacities to teach and learn soft skills in the peacebuilding context. Now soft skills training and assessment is possible through a role-playing computer game. The past months our project experts and researchers have facilitated the evaluation of the GAP application’s constituent components in order to ensure that the game’s operational, educational, technical and specialist content is robust and relevant to end users in operational context. The community of end users critically assessed the content and usability of GAP Game, visit here for more details.

Visualisation of GAP Soft Skills Game: