Course “Improving Performance in the CSDP Missions” organised successfully in Dublin

This week Laurea University of Applied Sciences has partnered with Trinity College Dublin in co-organising a training course on Improving Performance in the CSDP Missions, under the auspices of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC).  Principal Scientist Petteri Taitto from Laurea UAS and Prof Anne Holohan from Trinity College Dublin were the facilitators of the course

The course aims to increase the performance of future mission personnel when communicating and  cooperating in a stressful environment, taking into account cultural diversity and gender aspects, and thus to enhance the effectiveness of the CSDP Missions and Operations as part of the EU Integrated Approach. The course is designed to ensure that deploying personnel are equipped with the necessary knowledge of the soft skills needed in the mission environment. 

The training programme builds on the skills identified by the GAP project as relevant for conflict prevention and peace building (CPPB) personnel, and delivered in a digital role-playing game, with assessment. The residential part includes playing the role-playing 2D computer game as well as individual assessment and group work. Participants will also have the opportunity to network, share views and perspectives with one another and with professionals in the field of CSDP, visit

22 course participants are representing altogether 12 different nationalities coming from civilian, police and military domains working for peacekeeping and conflict prevention.  Course provided a safe learning environment for deeper understanding of the soft skills,  and an excellent opportunity to practice communication and cultural awareness in the simulated mission environment.