GAP at the Applied Human Factor and Ergonomics International Conference in Los Angeles

Cross-cultural aspects of the game and its design as such are an essential aspect of our work. Therefore, Dr. Kamila Trochowska from the War Studies University in Warsaw, discussed the premises of GAP and its cross-cultural aspects at the 8th Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference that took place in Los Angeles, July 17-21, 2017. The conference objective is to provide an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of groundbreaking scientific information on theoretical, generic, and applied areas of human factors and ergonomics – and is the most significant interdisciplinary society gathering specialists from such diverse fields as cognitive computing, training and education, affective design, serious gaming, cyber security and decision-making, to mention just a few.

The poster: “Proteus Effect in Action: The Gaming for Peace Project” by Dr Trochowska and Principal Investigator Anne Holohan featured the basic premises, methodology and goals of the GAP project and the results of the recent research report performed by the author on the state of cross-cultural competence training for CPPB, and the prospects of applying them in serious gaming for the military and civilians. It was presented within the AHFE Cross-Cultural Decision-Making track that examines human cognition and its interplay with various cultural constructs, such as geographical, historical, sociological, and organizational cultures.

The project was discussed with researchers, scholars, and industry practitioners from diverse countries – from Japan to Australia – and of diverse backgrounds, including sociology, linguistics, business, military science, psychology, human factors, neuroscience, and education. The most interesting conclusion of the multidisiciplinary debates was the potential of applying a variety of game effectiveness assesment methods, including EEG and electromyography. That is one of the major tasks within the evaluatory WP 5 that we have just initiated. Stay tuned for the development!

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