Preparations for GAP game’s final evaluation on their way

On 21st August, 25 representatives of the GAP partner organisations gathered in TCD to prepare for the final evaluation of the GAP game. Everyone had been sent the game a few days earlier so that they could play through the whole story.

Prof Anne Holohan, the PI of the project, introduced the plan of evaluation workshops and discussed the PowerPoint slides that will be shown by trainers, as well as the forms needed for evaluation. There were lots of useful comments from the participants that we will be taking into account when finalising the preparations. Next Anne and Mascia Toussaint from Enquirya introduced the pre-game quiz and everyone had a chance to try a section of it on the iPads or laptops.

After the break, Mads Haahr from Haunted Planets demonstrated how to play the game, stressing all the important issues like the user ID, differentness modes, pausing and saving the game and accessing the assessment results. This led on to the presentation by a representative of Adapt and a special consultant for Fully-Verified. He explained the in-game assessment and how to read the result. Later we discussed the post-game quiz and the trainer’s manual and eventually the interview questions that will end the evaluation workshop.

It was a busy, but very informative day with an excellent contribution from everyone who participated. We have made a note of all the comments and suggestions and these will feed into the final evaluation.

So where do we go from here?

The GAP team will be travelling to Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, Northern Ireland and will finish in Dublin. In each location there will be 10 young police or military, who haven’t been deployed and two trainers taking part in the workshop. We will follow the schedule from the training day with the introduction, pre-game quiz, playing through the game, post-game quiz, discussion and interviews.

We are looking forward to testing the GAP game, which is the impressive result of two years’ work of the whole GAP Consortium, with contributions from end-users!