Workshop with Irish and Northern Irish Peacekeepers

As interviews with Peacekeepers across Europe complete, the GAP team is now working on how these interviews translate into game-playing scenarios and learning objectives.  To do this, workshops with peacekeepers in Ireland/Northern Ireland, Finland and Poland are taking place.  In these workshops peacekeepers from military, police and community backgrounds discuss selected sections of peacekeepers interviews with the aim of elucidating what skills were exhibited, and what skills should have been exhibited, whilst on deployment.

The workshop with Irish and Northern Irish peacekeepers (pictured below) took place on the 30th May.  During this daylong event, participants analysed deployment experience from Kosovo, Lebanon and Afghanistan.   Drawing on their own deployment experiences, and through plenty of lively debate, participants pinpointed the most critical soft skills needed for effective peacekeeping.  In the next stage of the project, the GAP team will be taking this data and transforming it into game scenarios, ready for testing with the peacekeepers.


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