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Conference on

Learning Soft Skills in Peace Building

‘Training through Gaming’

19 September 2017

Vanha maantie 9, Espoo, Finland

Laurea University of Applied Sciences


Gaming for Peace: An Overview (pdf)

Gaps in Gender Awareness and Cultural Competence in Peacekeeping Missions (pdf)

Soft Skills Training Needs in Peacekeeping Missions (pdf)

Benchmarking GAP Learning Outcomes, Producing a Skills Passport (online view)


Target audience:

Experts working with training and education in peacebuilding from academia, policymaking and training institutes (civilian, police, military)

Project background:

Personnel deployed on Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPPB) missions need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform successfully from the start of their tour of duty in the respective CSDP mission or operation.  The Gaming for Peace (GAP) project has consulted experts in the field and reviewed broadly relevant documentation, and identified gaps in training for the soft skills needed to perform successfully in EU missions. Based on this analysis a set of curricula and a specific methodology, multiple player online game, is currently under development in the GAP consortium.


The objective of this conference is twofold: firstly to present findings concerning training design and secondly collect good practices from military, civilian and police training experts about training practices when preparing personnel to CPPB missions.


Conference programme (pdf)

Administrative information (pdf)

Conference flyer (pdf)